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We grow our grapes and treat them like family. They are hand harvested by Norene and Marc and friends and family and crushed and pressed on site. Each of our wines is crafted in our own winery in small artisanal batches and aged either in stainless steel tanks or French Oak barrels.  We introduced our wines in July of 2017 and since then have been gradually releasing more reds from our cellar and introducing new whites and rosé wines each season.  Our wines are available for  tasting in our on site tasting room/store and patio.  Once you taste them, choose your favourites and enjoy a glass on our patio then take some home to share with friends and family!


2018 Frontenac Gris Vidal

A very popular dry white.

This light bodied dry white opens with a subtle nose of granny smith apple and citrus follow by a fresh mouth watering taste of citrus, mineral and tart apple.  It will pair beautifully with white fish, oysters and other shellfish, goat cheese and vegetarian dishes.



2019 Frontenac Gris Pinot Grigio

Nice and dry - a blend of two gris/grigios!

This blend is a crowd pleaser for those who like their wines dry and crisp. It delivers  tart apple and citrus aromas and you pick up a hint of fresh peach on the palate.


2019 Harmony.jpg

2019 Harmony

Everything a dry Rosé should be!

A refreshing acidity and a harmonious blend of aromas and flavours from both white and red wines. The perfect wine to pair with a wide variety of foods or enjoy on its own. 


SCAlabel-2021-RiesSwenson for website.jpg

2020 Riesling Swenson

Crisp and light!

Pale straw in colour, this blend of Vidal and Louise Swenson is crisp and light with aromas and flavours of crunch apple, citrus and honey dew melon. Perfect for an aperitif, or paired with light cheeses, fish and Asian cuisine or with friends on a patio.


2018 Cab Sauv 2.jpg

2018 Frontenac Noir Cabernet Sauvignon

Barreled February 2019

Full bodied with aromas of black currant and dark plum and smooth tannins, this is one of our favorite blends. Enjoy now or it will age well in your collection.


2019-FrontNoirCabFranc for Website.png

    2019 Frontenac     Noir Cab Franc

Barreled February 2020

Notes of plum, black cherry and blackberry with youthful tannins that can be enjoyed now or will age well.



2018 Frigio-Riesling

Cool, crisp, food-friendly flavours!

Like your Riesling a bit dryer? Here is a blend of Frontenac Gris, Pinot Grigio and Riesling brimming with cool, crisp food-friendly flavours. Perfect for a glass on the patio, a Thia food meal, or curled up on the couch with Netflix or a good book!



2019 Frontenac Gris Riesling

A popular off dry white wine. 

A bit of sweetness with aromas of citrus, honey, white floral, peach and apricot. This may be the perfect wine for those who don’t like it too dry and it will pair beautifully with dishes like  spicy seafood or Thai curries.


2020 Renaissance.jpg


Versatile, friendly but not too sweet.

A mix of white and red wine aromas and flavours that makes everything taste better.  Cheers to a renaissance when recovery, renewal and rejoicing are on the menu - this rose pairs well with all of that!


no 5 3.jpg

2016 SCA NO 5 

AGED 4 YEARS in French Oak - 375mls

The 5th red and the last barrel from our inaugural 2016 vintage, SCA NO5 is a blend of 5 grapes: Frontenac Noir, Marquette, Sabrevois, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. This luscious red can be enjoyed now or if you're patient, it could cellar for another 5 years.


2018 Syrah 2.jpg

2018 Frontenac Noir Syrah

Barreled February 2019

Delicate, light bodied, and easy drinking, this red wine delivers black pepper and red fruits like plum, and blackcurrant on the nose. Take a sip and taste the strawberry/raspberry/cranberry flavours with light tannins. Pair this with medium cheeses, grilled salmon, pork or chicken with lighter sauces.


Winter MM.jpg

    Winter Mulled Wine
2019 Marquette Merlot
- 375mls


Marquette Merlot Barreled February 2020

Warm this delightfully sweetened and spiced rich red wine to accompany your

winter moments of joy! 



2019 Frontenac Gris Sauvignon Blanc

Dry with lovely lychee and grassy notes

Bright and fresh and dry with a zestiness accompanied by classic aromas of lychee, fresh hay and gooseberry, this blend may also deliver a hint of peach or apricot.  Pair with pan fried fish, shrimp, vegetable lasagne or even pork with a salsa verde.


2019 FRR.jpg

2019 Frigio-Riesling

Off-dry and fruity

This blend is one of our most popular whites. A blend of two Grigio grape wines - Frontenac and Pinot - plus a touch of Riesling to make it fun.


SCAlabel-2021-VidLouise for website.jpg

2020 Vidal Louise

Crisp and light!

Pale straw in colour, this blend of Vidal and Louise Swenson is crisp and light with aromas and flavours of crunch apple, citrus and honey dew melon. Perfect for an aperitif, or paired with light cheeses, fish and Asian cuisine or with friends on a patio.



2017 Marquette Merlot

Barreled February 2018

Our Marquette vines are our heartbreak vines.  The harvest varies with the weather and 2017 was a good year! Enjoy this rich full blend loaded with dark fruit and mocha flavours with good friends on its own or with a hearty meal of red meat or smoky portobello mushrooms...


2018 Merlot 2.jpg

    2018 Frontenac Noir Merlot

Barreled February 2019

Frontenac Noir is a grape known for it fruit aromas and tastes and it delivers notes of dark plum and cherry accompanied by dark chocolate and plum from the Merlot. Drink now or this blend will age well.


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Red Cider.jpg

2020 Stone Cold  Cider



For our inaugural cider, we sourced juice from our local apple orchard, Smyths, the home of the McIntosh Red Apple and a family farm since the mid 1800’s. We drove our half ton truck just down the road from StoneCropAcres to historic Dundela and brought the juice home to craft this crisp, dry cider with a light taste of partly tart and partly sweet apples.   Enjoy!

Green Cider.jpg

2020 Stone Cold  Vinous Cider



Just for fun, we blended some of our inaugural cider, made from local apples sourced from Smyth’s Apple Orchard, with one of our crowd favourites, our Riesling wine.  The result? A Vinous Cider, who knew it was a trending thing when we thought of it?  Crisp, with a hint of sweetness and a little higher alcohol than the traditional cider, this is a great hybrid. 


Try it out, we think you’ll like it.

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Cider Options



We sell onsite ice cold by the glass or by the bottle and packs to take home!

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